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Live out Your Story



Ever wonder why so many of us go through life with disappointment?  I do, often.

I myself have been disappointed several times over.  I figured out how to move forward and stop living out a story that wasn’t mine.

There are two people who have swayed my outlook on life itself – John Eldredge and Earl Nightingale.

There is a common theme these two men possess, they both realize they must find the story they are in and what they must do to live it out.  They take different approaches, use different words to convey the idea but it’s there.

Earl talks about planting a seed in your mind, nurturing it, tending to it and letting it grow until the results are visible.

John talks about the heart, finding out what has been written on your heart and living by it.

Mind and heart, two different approaches, similar ideas but I know they both work together.

You must know what is on the heart to begin to live out your story, then plant it in the mind and tend it by taking actions to move you along until you see the results.  Both men are profound in how they approach life and both have done what they set out to do.  It shows in their lives, the results are there for millions to see.

So, why aren’t you living out your story?

I like to inspire others to see things in a different light through my writing and maybe this story of how I’m trying to live out my story will inspire someone too.

I have no magic to offer, no pill to swallow, no steps to get you to where you are going.

All I know is that I’m taking steps in my own story. I know that writing is on my heart which was the first step and it took me a  year to find this first step.  My next step was to write – I’m going on seven years now and I’m just beginning to break the surface.  Imagine being on the road for 7 years before finally reaching your destination only to find out there is more road ahead.

That is where I am.

So I tell you “Live out Your Story” as the road you travel is a unique experience only you can have.

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