Keeping Hope Alive



As I sit here, I ponder the recent release of my book The Broken Christmas Tree.   I am somewhat fixated on how it is going. And I am tormented at the same time when I don’t see it going so well.  But it’s not real.

Real? What does this word mean?

Real means actually existing as a thing or occurring in fact; not imagined or supposed.

All the facts aren’t visible and that is why I am struggling but it’s not completely true. There are some facts available to me.  Several people have commented directly to me about how much my book meant to them. I’ve had family members tell me how much they are enjoying this book. Others have commented on how well I’ve written this book.  I’ve had even others tell me how much they’ve enjoyed this book and commented to me how it’s touched their heart.

So what is real?  Real is based on facts. What I’m experiencing at times cannot be real as it’s not completely based on fact. If I base what is happening on actual facts – well then, I would need to conclude The Broken Christmas Tree is doing quite well.

But there is more to this story isn’t there?  The one thing I failed to mention is my success criteria.  What am I basing my success on or what am I measuring it against?  Of course I’ll tell you that my main goal is exposure – to reach as many people as I can with this book. But I somehow dismiss the other facts and purely go on this one fact that my book has not reached as many as I’d hoped for yet.

The other element in the picture is time.  Time is at work and sometimes it takes readers years to find an author.

I am basing my feelings on facts that have not yet come to light.  The fact is there just hasn’t been enough time.  I released The Broken Christmas Tree nearly a month ago.  My expectations are clearly too high.   Therefore  I must focus on the facts I have – and those for the time being are positive.  Not only have I heard people are enjoying my book, that many are still planning to purchase it, and some even would like my autograph- I am blushing now.

We all do this – don’t we?  We set expectations too high and when those expectations aren’t met we dismiss all other facts and consider ourselves a failure.

Take a step back, as I will do.  Look at what is happening.  Keep the lens in focus for there is movement, it just might not be what you want right now.  Keep hope alive – believe and keep going.  This is where many find themselves, in this darkened place we call anxiety or worry. This is where we tend to dwell.  Don’t stay here. Get out of the shadows, and into the light.  See yourself as you truly are and keep hope alive.

I share this with you because it’s on my heart to do so. I share this with you because you are not alone. I share this with you because I am walking out of the shadow, and into the light, and hope is still alive in me.



D.W. Rigsby


Image Credit: Hope by Shane Gorski

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