Merry Christmas

The Gift


HI Everyone,

I wanted to say Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  It seems that saying Merry Christmas is a sensitive thing these days. I am not sure why, when I hear so many other words,  and phrases being thrown around on television, out in public, and just about everywhere one goes that are much more offensive to many. Not that I am overly sensitive to these things.

So, I say this – to those who are celebrating Christmas remember why and for those who do not know anything about Christmas go and find out why.  It is a great time for many, a time to celebrate a great historic event in human history. This one event changed the face of the earth and has had far reaching effects that has lasted for thousands of years.  So, if you are one who is sensitive about someone saying Merry Christmas, don’t take it as they are throwing it in your face, take it that you’ve just been invited to the world’s biggest birthday party!  Yeah!!!

Merry Christmas,

D.W. Rigsby


Image Credit: Waiting For The World  by NOTTI-GHERARDO_02

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