Tokus Numas – Medieval Science Fiction and Fantasy Novel


Tokus Numas - Medieval Science Fiction

Medieval Science Fiction  – If you’re looking for something different.

Book description:

It is said that the one to come will bring forth fire and destruction for all on Spearca, and a blue flame will cover every corner of her spatial plane.

—From The Book of Prophets, by the Numas

Petro is a fifteen year old boy, and ward to the greatest kingdom of the realm. He also may hold the key to an ancient prophecy of planet Spearca. His true nature is revealed when his entire world shifts into a new direction.

“A mere introduction to a strange but undoubtedly enticing world, and one that readers should happily return to.” ~ Kirkus Review

You can find Tokus Numas here.

Tokus Numas is a medieval science fiction and fantasy novel. It crosses genres, offers a look into a world of advanced technologies, and a culture rooted in medieval ages.

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