Does God Exist?

Does God Exist


It’s a question many have pondered. I too have dwelled on this very thought.  I can say that in my story The Broken Christmas Tree, God is very much present in Danny’s life.   My protagonist may not always acknowledge this presence, but he seems to notice the divine to some degree. He’s made aware through various ways, but not always in ways we’d think about such getting what you want all the time because you believe in God.  He acknowledges God on his own level of thinking, and understands that there is a dark force just as much as there is a force of light.

If you’ve ever read the beginning of the Bible it talks about how Adam and Eve came into knowing of good and evil just as God does.  This statement is intriguing to me. We, as a people, have the same knowledge as God does about these two opposite forces in our universe.  So why is that important?  What makes knowing both good and evil such a trade secret anyway?  If we never understood the difference, I suppose you could surmise that we’d be blissful in our lives. Being ignorant to what we do wrong or what we do right. There would be no wrong or right, it would just be. Whatever action taken would just be an action – and no other thought would weigh in if this was evil or if this was good. It just would not enter the mind.

I am not here to convince anyone on how to think, but only to share how I am thinking.  So, Danny is in a struggle, has problems at home, doesn’t know how to interact with God, so at times he may rely on himself more than he ought.  In this world he learns that self-reliance is a good thing, and needed, but he also learns he can’t do it alone. All battles cannot be won by his own resourcefulness.  It’s a world to live in and to learn, to experience a God he knows little about, and to understand the true meaning behind Christmas.



D.W. Rigsby


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