Happy Mother’s Day Mom



Hi Sandra Rigsby – AKA Mom,

Mother’s day is coming soon and I still don”t know what to get you. All these years I cannot recount all the wonderful things about you.  So, I’m going to put some of my thoughts down on the page and see what I can arrange.

– I know you like horses, always so close to your heart. I recall being around them from an early start. You brushing them down and feeding them too, riding them around and having a hoot. You never owned any horses and that is true, if you think really hard you’ll have one too. Maybe not in your backyard, or in a pontoon, but they are there if you think of one or two.

– I know you like dogs – you have a few of those. They are loud and certainly like to run the show. Don’t feed them too much, because it’s hard on those legs, as short as they are they might just give way.  But I jest of course, they are cute to see – and not very nice when I step in their pee. Take them outside and give them a dust, and bring them back in and give them a hug.

– I know you like the outdoors, hiking along in the woods. Nature’s beauty is true, and it happens that you are beautiful too. I share the love of the woods just as you do, maybe that came from heaven when I was born to you.

– You like your television shows, of course you do. I like to watch them sometimes too. Though I hope you like my stories, and give those a try, if they make you go to sleep you could try and pry your eyes. Keep them open, and let the words through, and you might just see in my writing a bit of you.

I know  I only list a few things, but I have more so please stay tuned. Below are my feelings I want to express about you.

– You remember that time when we were out on Apple Road and those bad men showed?  I remember how you stood your ground and looked at those men and stared them down. A strong willed woman is what was caught in their eyes, and they turned away to my surprise. Yes indeed i saw something in you, strength and honor and integrity too.

– You recall that time I stepped on that nail? It went straight through my foot, and stuck out on top. You came to me in a quick hop. You wrapped me up in your arms, and carried me home, it was quite the distance you trekked all the way down the road. I held onto your neck so not to fall, and  you held me tight telling me it would be alright. On and on until you tired, you sat me down, and started to perspire, but you didn’t quit you kept on doing what moms do, you got me to the hospital in a jiff or two.  I recall that day and how much you cared, I felt it in me and everywhere. I glowed from inside you might not have known, so I’m telling you now because I want you to come home.

– I know you’ve been sick for a while that is true. I am away right now and thinking of you. I tried to call but the line didn’t pick up, I’ll try again later and wish for some  luck.  I will pray for you so that God may do as He will, and keep you safe from all that is here. As I look outside into the star lit night I can’t stop but to that think about your light. That light that is around you and anyone who knows you can see – it ebbs and flows as easy as can be. Caring, loving, and supportive too that is what makes you special and that is why I love you.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Sincerely Your Son,

D.W. Rigsby