Improve Reader Satisfaction

It starts with your title, but more important, your cover. Yes, we all know what’s inside a book is what matters. I get it. Readers get it. Though if they can’t get past the front door of your beautifully written world it won’t matter. Use the power of IT, not the story IT, Information Technology.

I came across a website called I was hesitant to use it, but I loved what it offered. I will tell you, users’ experiences may differ than my own.

I needed a cover – one better than the $500 I just spent on a cover for my book Inspectre. The original cover did not covey what I wanted – well it did, but I knew my readers would not like it. I don’t know how I knew; it was a gut feel, instinct I guess.

The beginning was frustrating, trying to learn how to work with the various artist at 99 Designs who would come from all over the world and enter into the contest I had created. You can make a direct contract as well, not just contests, if you’re interested, look up the site and services.

Once I got past my frustrations – well I was right as rain. What I loved was the ability to invite others through Facebook to judge the covers submitted.

The power of IT. It changed things for me because out of the new covers – the one which is the cover for Inspectre wasn’t the one I would have chosen. It was picked by people I knew, and I didn’t know.

Now I have a great cover. It’s easier for readers to get past the front door, and hopefully into the front room of my book. Please go to Amazon, and read the sample. Let me know what you think of the description while your there. I’d love to hear from you!