A New World – Tokus Numas

Creating a new world takes a tremendous amount of time, thought, and energy of which seems I have less and less each year that passes.

I’ve written nearly 400 pages of Tokus Numas only to find I need to write more – more detail, more character development, more emotion. Yes, this is the work the writer does – focusing on what brings the story to life. But in doing so, this life building takes time and does not happen over night. At times I have an epiphany but often I find it’s only a sliver of what I first thought it to be.

It’s like digging for gems in a mountain of dirt. You have bits and pieces in there that are of value but you also find large chunks too. In the end it’s the same really: the big, the small. They all hold value and when it turns from gems into an array of fine jewelry then you’ve done something to truly create the beauty you sought.


D.W. Rigsby