October 22, 2014 – Letter To Danny



As your story started, so shall it end.

Here on the blank pages your story was told, written for all to see Danny. Can you imagine what I’m talking about?  Can you see the future from where you are?  I hope so Danny. Even as I sit here and type, I can see the future from where I am – where my life is captured digitally as a journal is captured with ink and paper. My life stored for ages to come as your life is stored.

Those in the future will be able to pull my information, peer into my universe long after I’m gone, and they’ll be able to see who I was and how I lived. Families will have living albums that will run for generations, hundreds, thousands of years of a family life captured.

Your lineage will be preserved, your knowledge, your passions, your ideas all captured, and passed down like an heirloom for the next generation to add to the collage of life. It’s truly remarkable.

Music, books, work, skills, photos, videos, experiences, and on and on Danny. Like nothing you ever seen before. It’s within our grasp yet we do not understand what this means yet for our future.  But would you Danny?  Could you have understood what the future held for you?

It’s wonderful – so many have begun to peer into your world. They are seeing your struggles and they have much to say Danny. I decided to create a page – it’s a sort of like a piece of paper you hold in your hand but it’s stored inside a computer.  People can see it from their own computers through a connected network, viewing your world from afar.  Here I am putting up this paper for people to post what they thought about you, your life, your story Danny, and your friend Cluster.  And I’ll see what I can do to relay some of it back to you. Hang in there, we’ve only just begun.


D.W. Rigsby

Letter to Danny from The Broken Christmas Tree

Image Credit: Open Book, Blank by Doug Aghassi

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