The Human Spirit

Spirit Light

It’s remarkable how the human spirit will press forward even when the odds are against it.

As an indie writer  I’m reading lots of blogs, posts, finding new writers all the time and they are all doing the same thing. They are trying to break out and become known even though the odds are against them, I mean us.

I did some math on the recent release of my first book “The Broken Christmas Tree“. Yes it’s early, but I didn’t want to wait until after Halloween to get it out there for folks to begin to sample or read my book. I’m excited, and hesitate but at the moment I’m getting some really good feedback on it. I figured at least 583 people have seen the release of my book in one form or another through Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

Though each day I wake up and I think to myself – how can I reach more people? Well, there is advertising but from what I’ve been reading paid advertising is a hit or miss, more a miss.  Are you timing the market right?  Are you targeting to the right audience?  Is your cover eye catching?  Is your tagline also equally catching?

Does my book appeal to anyone? I find myself thinking. I know it does – at least my family and friends.  So here is a call for help – if you are reading this I’m asking for your help. Share your experience with others if you read The Broken Christmas Tree, share with your friends that it’s out there as someone else might enjoy it.  I’m trying to appeal to those who are following me – because I can’t do it alone. I wish I could but I can’t. Nothing really happens without others being involved.  I mean, yes things do happen, but not on a large scale such as getting the word out on a book, product, or event.

I wonder if I’m wrong for asking. I figure it’s better to ask then not to ask at all. So, I’m asking all of you who read this post. Share with others, help to get the word out.  Let others figure out if  they want to read this book or not, there are sample pages so don’t worry if you are afraid to recommend this book and it turns out to be a stinker.  Your friends can figure that out before they buy it. 🙂

I’ve gotten some great reviews to date, not many but the ones that have come in are strong. This is a good sign to me.  I’m not going to stop believing in the power of the human spirit.  It’s really what makes us all who we are, gives us fuel and carries us along.  Each day I’ll wake, I’ll think to myself I can reach more people and I’ll find a way to do it, but I equally know I can’t do it alone.

The Broken Christmas Tree


D.W. Rigsby


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